• A Rebel Translator in a Biblical Era: St. Jerome

    A Rebel Translator in a Biblical Era, St. Jerome was responsible for the most famous and successfully used translation of the Christian Bible into Latin. Renowned for his intellect and translation skill, he became a pioneer of biblical translation.

  • The Most Professionally Translated Author in the World

    Agatha Christie is an English literary icon. Exploring her work as translated into Icelandic, Italian, Arabic and French (among many others), her stories have an unparalleled influence on the global translation community.

  • The Graphic Translation of Persepolis

    Marjane Satrapi’s first book, Persepolis, is an autobiographical graphic novel about the author’s experience as a young girl growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution of 1979. 

  • Translating “Origin” by Dan Brown

    With the debut of his newest novel, Origin, Dan Brown continues to support his professional translators, working tirelessly to make sure the tone of his work gets translated accurately.

  • MotaWord in Paris; Paris in the Olympics

    As part of our incubation via the FTT program, MotaWord is involved in the Hacking of Hotel de Ville event sponsored by the Mayor's office of Paris in support of their bid for the 2024 Olympics.

  • MotaWord Translator Certificate

    We care deeply about our translators’ feedback, so we gladly obliged and instituted the MotaWord Translator Certificate program.

  • Our clients' success is our success: Tiny Bop

    We have just gotten an announcement of a new product from our client, Tiny Bop.  We are thrilled to be a part of their great work! In their own words: "We're excited to present Tinybop Schools"

  • MotaWord Grabber

    MotaWord announces the release of its Google Chrome extension tool for professionally translating any webpage into 73 languages, 20x faster and 60% cheaper than competition.

  • MotaWord Google Drive Integration

    We heard that many of them use Google Docs and MotaWord together but they have to pass through downloading their files in other formats to upload them back on our platform.

  • What is in a style guide?

    A style guide - one of the most important documents for consistent translations - is an important tool for understanding the expectations of our clients.

  • Translate a business card into Chinese

    It makes a lot of sense to have your business card translated into a language that does not have the Latin alphabet but in the case of China (and Japan) it goes beyond that.

  • OnePlus

    MotaWord is proud of serving OnePlus; a new kind of tech company that works hand in hand with users to do something amazing and ends up with beautiful smartphones.

  • Proud to be Made in NY

    MotaWord has been approved to receive the “Made In NY" Mark of Distinction and to be included on the Digital.NYC “Made In NY” startup collection.

  • Tinybop

    TinyBop reaches kids in 143 countries in 50 languages, partnering with MotaWord.

  • Happy 4th from MotaWord

    Eleven score, a dozen and seven years ago (don't worry the math is correct) our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

  • The Case for Localization

    With the changing demographics of the internet, providing service across languages has become essential, and MotaWord makes this feasible for companies with even limited localization budgets. 

  • MotaWord Supported Languages

    MotaWord provides translation service in over 70 languages and also cross translation between them. We keep on adding new languages as the need arise.

  • MotaWord Introduction Video

    Our short video explains why MotaWord is the best option for accessing high-quality and fast translation service in 70 languages globally. 

  • TQS (Translator Quality Score)

    We completed the first 2 months of testing with our Translation Quality Score (TQS) and have enough data about our findings, what we achieved and why it is important for our platform. Time to share with our colleagues...

  • New Project Notifications via Twitter

    MotaWord now provides new project notifications via tweets. This allows translators with Twitter accounts to be appraised of projects faster and not wait for e-mail circulation.

  • Welcome to MotaWord CRM

    MotaWord CRM is the ultimate tool in your sales arsenal. You can learn what Leads - Contacts - Accounts and Opportunities are by reading this short article.

  • Welcome to the MotaWord office

    This week we invited translators to our office to mingle over refreshments and talk more about developments in both the translation industry and MotaWord.

    Given our industry, the conversation ultimately turned to questions from these translators about more of the details on how MotaWord works (as you can see in the photo above, our Lead Russian Translator Dmitrii was the life of the party).

    The fact that translators had questions about MotaWord is not surprising, given some of the mantras that are on the walls in our office.

  • The Single Proofreader Model

    Unbeknownst to many, MotaWord is in its 10th month of existence. During that time we have provided over 4 million words of translation, over 600 thousand words of post-editing and a few manual projects - all of this in over 40 languages.

    We have learned a lot from this experience.

    We started MotaWord with the vision of providing a collaborative platform that would give translators with down time between their regular translation work the opportunity to participate in projects as much or as little as they like, without the hassles of deadlines, invoicing, or word counts.

    Our ultimate aim is the same - provide our vetted and trusted translators with a constant stream of jobs that they can always count on.

    Our unique platform allows multiple translators to simultaneously work on projects, which brings us speed and, if our translators are well versed in our platform and understand our best practices, good quality. Our array of tools (namely, the concordance search, term lists and comment tool) all assure that.

    Add to that our new Translator Quality Score (TQS) that we are continually working on, and it is little wonder why we are getting even better.

    But the last piece of the puzzle is a simple one: assigning a single proofreader to any project and allowing them to take their time with making sure that all is going according to plan.

  • MotaWord as a Tool for Translator Development

    The advantages of working on MotaWord that we most frequently love to boast and reiterate are the ones that fight the most common frustrations that linguists in this industry face:

    • You don’t have to email us a document with your translations

    • You don’t have to worry about project deadlines

    • You don’t have to do dreary word counts

    • You don’t have to send us any invoices

    But did you know that there is one other added benefit that you may have not realized by now? We realize that the immediate advantages of being a MotaWord translator may have led to this added benefit slipping under the radar.

    What we’re talking about is that by participating in certain MotaWord projects, you will have the opportunity to be included in specializations that are unfamiliar to you.

  • Get To Know Us!

    Last Wednesday here in New York City was quite rainy. The kind of rain that can put a damper on your mood, especially with the change of seasons.

    But luckily, MotaWord’s October Translator’s Happy Hour was there to save the day! We had a fantastic time when we met up with talented translators from the New York City area at Midtown Manhattan’s Galway Pub for some drinks and great conversation.

    One translator in attendance remarked, I've been wondering how to meet translators in the area and you seem to be the answer to my prayers.

  • What Do You Take Pride In?

    What do you take pride in as a translator?

    Is it your astuteness in filling out invoices? Your precision in tedious word counts? Being able to deal with always shrinking deadlines?

    Probably not. We are certain that as a translator, what you are proud of is that very thing that you do best: being able to provide the best possible translation from one language into another - taking your time and making sure that it is perfect. It is your talent for understanding a language, the meaning of a communication and all the cultural nuances that make you better than machines (because let’s face it, machines do love tedious work and are much faster at gibberish than humans).

  • Don't fear a collaborative approach to translations!

    Halloween is around the corner. And nothing drives this message home more than everyone’s favorite monster.

    Even with his ability to love and be kind, do you know why people were frightened by the monster in Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein?

    Many argue that what made the monster's appearance so frightening was from being a  patchwork of a number of old body parts.

    Now, you may think that multiple translators working on a document simultaneously would result in another one of Dr. Frankenstein’s creations. But on the contrary: the “Translator’s Workspace” (akin to Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory) has the tools to help you create a beautiful and consistent translation.

  • What Year Is It?

    Imagine that you are in the year 1980 and decide to take a quick nap. But somehow, your nap ends up lasting over thirty years. 

    If you were to look at a translator in 2014 finishing up another one of his or her projects, you might notice that not much has changed at all: manually doing word counts, filling out invoices, and worrying about deadlines and scrambling to find where they saved their translated document.

    Add to that all the issues that can arise due to translation agencies still working manually, not being able to provide clients with a transparent workflow, not having an automatic way of paying translators and often paying them late.

    Considering the pace that technology has penetrated the translation industry, translators might as well still be using a feather pen and inkwell to do their work!

    But they shouldn’t, and they don’t have to. That’s because MotaWord is this industry’s long overdue wake up call.

  • We are not just a website!

    When you log onto MotaWord’s homepage, the first thing that you might notice is its clean, seamless layout with the serenity of a zen garden (okay, we may be tooting our own horn here). But like any garden, people are needed to tend to its care. MotaWord’s team works tirelessly to ensure that the platform runs smoothly for its translators.

    When talking about a human translation platform, the translators are just part of the story: our team is made of real people striving to work with other real people ready to give their best translations from all over the globe.

  • Crowdfunding and Translation

    Last year, legendary Japanese game designer Keiji Inafune (best known as illustrator and co-designer of the Mega Man character) started a new project called Mighty No. 9. Inafune’s project was able to raise over $200,000; an impressive feat. But the English translation of the Mighty No. 9 project, on Kickstarter, ended up raising an astonishing $3,845,170. It was the 3rd most successful Kickstarter project by total funds pledged and over 400% of the original goal.

  • MotaWord May 2014 NYC Translators Happy Hour

    We know that MotaWord is the fastest human translation platform. We emphasize MotaWord’s human component - as the dedicated work of our translator community is what makes our vision for collaborative translation possible.""